What is VoLTE?

What is VoLTE? History, Benefits and Usage of VoLTE

VoLTE full form stands for Voice-Over Long-Term Evolution.

VoLTE is one of the demanding networks when it comes to transmitting voice over LTE networks. It basically uses IMS technology and delivers voice traffic over Internet Protocol using LTE network and if you want to know what is VoLTE and its uses to the modern consumer, read on..

Historical Background of VoLTE

LTE or we call it Long-Term Evolution is a 4th generation wireless communication system that has been developed by the efforts of a group called 3GPP, 3rd generation Partnership project. This group devised this Internet Protocol-based 4th generation technology that has a tendency to transmit voice and data signals in the form of small packets.

Although this 4G technology is almost similar to the 3G there are some improvements that make this 4G, the faster, higher, and a stronger network than 3G.  3GPP has been using IMS solution that is IP Multimedia Subsystem since 2000. But the group failed to give clear information.

You will be surprised to know that there is no provision or information that can help customers in using this system over voice traffic. Because of this problem, 3GPP had to develop an intermediate solution called Circuit Switched Fallback systems, CSFS.

In this CSFS system, when a voice call is started, the network switches from an LTE to UE network and remains there until the call is ended. Upon completion of the call, the network is routed back to the LTE system. This transition of LTE to UE started creating problems to the user in the case of data calls.

In order to resolve this issue of LTE over voice calls, VoLTE system was designed.

How VoLTE Works?

LTE is most-known next-gen mobile networking technology. Although, many advancements have taken place in LTE the core technology still remains. There are still many obstacles in the path of cellular technology driven by LTE.

Older networks carried a dedicated transmission line for voice traffic that worked on the same traditional principle of circuit switching. LTE, however, is an IP-based cellular technology that improves the older approach to transmitting voice over LTE.

VoLTE is an improved LTE technology for voice calls. Most of the big brands have officially announced to introduce VoLTE in the years to come. This standardized system has been specifically designed for the voice traffic that is being transmitted over the LTE and many other systems including Circuit Switched Fallback systems, and simultaneous Voice and LTE systems.

This system VoLTE allows integration of various applications that can later be accessed over the LTE network. Voice transmission is one of the troublesome tasks of the telecom sector. No doubt, data transmission is important but no reputed mobile system can attain success without quality voice transmission.

VoLTE uses IMS framework that allows users to access Multimedia through a common IP network. This helps in better network management and helps users to access the data and voice calls without any hassle. With the help of IMS network, connections that are managed under different sets of protocols can be brought together.

Earlier networks depended on circuit-switched voice networks but with the introduction of VoLTE, a voice or data call may proceed without the need for a circuit switched voice network. This allows VoLTE to operate successfully with other networking technologies even when circuit switched voice network horizon has been phased out.

VoLTE has raised the possibility of inter-network connectivity. When a voice call is ON, a user may take the call out of the LTE network. This is possible because of the SR-VCC that is Single Voice Radio Call Continuity. Under this, when an LTE network realizes that the customer may leave the LTE network, a standard legacy network is extended to the user.

Difference between LTE & VoLTE

difference between lte and volte

The main difference between LTE and VoLTE network is that VoLTE networks have a tendency to support voice and data calls at the same time, where the network makes sure that voice or data signals do not hamper one another. On the other hand, LTE networks support either of the two or in case, supports both, the quality of the signal would be a loss.

Where an LTE network is more of a 4G network, or we can say almost equivalent to a 4G network. The cellular technology started advancing from 2G to 3G and now the developers are running after 4G. LTE lies more between a 3G and a true 4G network.  It is sometimes referred to as an LTE 4G or 4G LTE network.

VoLTE refers to Voice over LTE. This kind of service is available for LTE network only. This technology helps users to make data and voice calls at the same time.

Earlier on 2G or 3G networks, it was quite difficult to manage the calls at low speeds. With the advent of LTE, the slow speed problem has been resolved. LTE allows users to download data at a speed of 100 Mbits/s and upload data at a speed of 50 Mbits/s.

This high speed helps VoLTE phones and networks to give better services to the customers. Does VoLTE use more battery? The answer is NO. Hope this clears the difference between LTE and VoLTE.

Volte vs LTE

LTE full form is Long-Term EvolutionVolte means is Voice over LTE.
May or may not Supports data and voice call simultaneouslySupports both voice and data calls at the same time.
Voice quality reduces in the case of loss of connection.Voice quality remains the same even in the case of loss of connection.
LTE is a type of networkVolte is a type of service on LTE network.

Benefits for the consumer


How VoLTE Works?

The advent of VoLTE on LTE Networks has given many benefits to the customers. Whether we talk of cost or in terms of its operation, this service has never failed to satisfy its users.

  • Allows video calls, video share, MMS, chat and other services.
  • Call Establishment is easy and doesn’t take much of your time.
  • HD Voice calling possible.
  • Helps customers to increase the battery life of their handset 40% when compared to other voice calls protocols.
  • IMS- a standardized system of cellular technology is used to process the conversation.
  • No need to begin your voice call on one network and data call on another. Now VoLTE gives you a chance to continue both the voice and the data calls simultaneously.
  • Quality of voice calls through VoLTE is high.
  • Since the demands for video calling is growing day by day, VoLTE services ensure that the video services are not hampered when the voice calls are going on.


The list of the benefits of the VoLTE is huge. Despite the fact, the buyers should be neglecting the services they are really looking for.

  • HD voice calls,
  • Faster connectivity,
  • Long-battery life, and much more than we listed above are good enough to attract the customers but we should not neglect the downside of the VoLTE as well.

The biggest question that comes to our mind is the expensive call cost.

Traditionally, data, video, and voice calls were all combined in a single calling plan. The customers, who do Internet surfing a lot, spend more time in voice or video calling will need to opt for a bigger caller plan.

These days, customers have become smart and they compare the data plans and the calling plan given by various service operators. In the coming years, voice calls may use data calls.

No one knows, what will happen when the mobile service giants will ask users to switch from unlimited data calls to expensive VoLTE services. This plan may take years but does that mean, it will force customers to switch from GSM or CDMA networks as they will completely be phased out in the future.

If this happens, mobile operators would promote LTE networks that would reduce the congestion and make data and voice call smoother.

VoLTE in India

Reliance Jio brought VoLTE giving users a chance to taste this technology. However, if you really want to enjoy this service to the fullest, it is very important to have a flagship phone.

Gone are those days when the VoLTE was limited to a particular model only. Now, most of the smartphone manufacturers are incorporating this service in the low-end models as well. Now anyone can avail this service for a very reasonable rate.

The demand for VoLTE is increasing day-by-day because it support data and voice calls simultaneously. Reliance Jio with the help of VoLTE has started offering lifetime free voice calls to its users.

VoLTE has improved the call retention ratio by reducing the call rate by 20%. There are many other telecom service providers who are planning to or have already shifted to VoLTE and are in-line with the Jio.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Bharti Airtel, Mr. Gopal Vittal the company is no lagging behind and is also looking for VoLTE technology. It is expected that Airtel would bring this service in the coming 12-18 months’ time.

Of course, how can we forget Vodafone in the race of telecom operators? According to the close sources, we have come to get information about the company. Vodafone is also testing this service in some of the customer areas.

BSNL is planning to launch 4G services with VoLTE. The company has assured its customers that it will soon give the 4G service to its customers. The plans are being made to give 4G service from April 2017. Many customers have started losing their hopes on BSNL.

VoLTE is one of the demanding services in the telecom sector of our country. All of the major telecom operators are focusing on VoLTE in order to take over the services offered by Jio.

Categories of companies that are looking for VoLTE includes:

  • Telecom Operators;
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers;
  • Vendors giving services for the Network;
  • Telecom partners; and
  • Mobile Consumers.

Volte supported phones

Samsung Volte Phones

Samsung On7 Pro (Gold)
Samsung - Electronics
₹ 9,490 - ₹ 500
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J210FZDGINS (Gold)
Samsung - Electronics
₹ 9,700 - ₹ 701
Samsung Galaxy On8 (Gold, 3 GB RAM + 16 GB Memory)
Samsung - Electronics
₹ 13,490 - ₹ 1,500
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (Gold, 32GB)
Samsung - Electronics
₹ 14,900 - ₹ 25
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (Black, 64GB)
Samsung - Electronics
₹ 22,300 - ₹ 1,501

Motorola Volte Phones

Moto M (Gold, 64 GB) (4 GB RAM)
Motorola - Electronics
Moto G5s Plus (Lunar Grey, 64GB)
Motorola - Electronics
₹ 16,999 - ₹ 1,000

Lenovo Volte Phones

Lenovo A6600 Plus (Black)
Lenovo - Electronics
₹ 8,499 - ₹ 2,400
Lenovo Vibe K5 (Grey)
Lenovo - Electronics
₹ 7,999 - ₹ 500
Lenovo Vibe K4 Note (White,16GB)
Lenovo - Electronics
₹ 14,194 - ₹ 2,194
Lenovo Z2 Plus (Black)
Lenovo - Electronics
₹ 19,999 - ₹ 9,700
Lenovo K8 Note (Fine Gold, 4GB)
Lenovo - Electronics
₹ 13,999 - ₹ 3,000


So we have covered topics like what is VoLTE, its workings and its usage with respect to LTE. Feel free to comment if there are any corrections to be made.

What is VoLTE? History, Benefits and Usage of VoLTE
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